Cultivator blades

The cultivator Blades are the farm implements or machines which are designed to stir around a crop as it mature promote growth and destroy weeds  deeply into the soil.

The tractors with up to 190 HP have huge range hitch geometries. Reliable soil penetration performance and excellent working results are still achieved. Mounting category on three-row mounted cultivators.

  • It is that part of the plough bottom which penetrates into the soil and makes horizontal cut below the surface.
  • It is the curved part which lifts turns, and pulverizes the soil slice.
  • It is the flat plate which presses against the furrow wall and prevents the plough from lateral swinging.
  • The rear part of land side is called heel which slides on the bottom of the furrow
  • It is the part to which share, land side and mouldboard are        attached.
  • It is an adjustable extension, which can be fastened to the rear of the mould board to help in turning the furrow slice.
Seed drill is an agriculture sowing device that sows the seed crops by metering out the individual Seed , positioning them in soil at proper depth and distance . Sowing using agriculture seed drills can improve the ratio of crop yield and saves time and labour.
The concave disc coulters are suitable for mulch drilling and when there is a lot of organic matter. Diagonally tracking disc coulters open up the soil. The cast shoe, similar to a Suffolk coulter, removes wilted straw and crop residues from the seed placement area and forms a neat seed slot. Uniform seed germination is guaranteed as a result.
The large diameter dual disc coulters cut right through surface trash to form a uniform, tidy seed slot. Harvest residues are not pressed into the ground. This system achieves a uniform, tidy seed slot. World-class technology for future-safe arable fat.

A Rotovator is known as tractor driven tillage equipment that uses blades series to plow the land by
cutting , mixing ,& levelling the soil.
The Best quality tilth and excellent mixing of the soil are highlights of Rotavator power harrows.
Combined with this machine becomes a high output and cost effective combination delivering
perfect results  offers tailor-made systems for every type of soil and every size of operation.
The Rotavator power harrows guarantee extremely smooth operation and high strength. These
machines operate reliably even in the hardest endurance conditions and heaviest soils. loose soil with low HP tractor easily.

Disc Harrow BLADES
 The fast operating speeds and working depths down to 15 cm mean the disc bearings have to withstand considerable stress. The implemented high-quality bearings for an extended service life. This guarantees you trouble-free work even in the most difficult operating conditions.
The mounted, folding compact disc harrow with a working width of 4 to 6 meters and increased
manoeuvrability. In This models 4001 K / 5001 K / 6001 K offer you a choice of working widths between 4 and
6 meters. The large folding disc harrows have been developed for high output stubble cultivation and general
seedbed preparation.