( 01 )

Available Biscuits Forms: Chocolate Biscuit,  Biscuit Powder,  Cream Biscuit,  Salt Biscuit,  Black Jack Biscuit,  Fruit Biscuit,  Jeera Biscuits,  Butter Biscuits,  Marigold Biscuits,  Coconut Biscuit.

( 02 )

Available Candy Forms: Strawberry Candy,  Weet Amla Candy,  Mango Candy,  Orange Candy, Sugar Candy, Paan Candy,  Sweet Candy,  Hajmola Candy,  Crystal Candy,  Kachi Kairi Candy,  Candy Stick, Round Candy, Candy Cans,  Chocolate Candy, Jelly Candy, Lolipops & Suckers,  Peanut Candy and Organic Candy.

( 03 )

Available Chocolates Forms: Milk Chocolates,  Dark Chocolates,  SemiSweet Chocolate,  BitterSweet Chocolate,  Baking Chocolate,  Couverture Chocolate,  White Chocolate.

( 04 )
Chewing Gum

Available Chewing Gums Forms: Liquid Filled Gum,  Gum – Filled Candy,  Compressed Chewing Gum,  Pellets/Pillows,  Hollow Balls, Sticks/ Tabs and Cut & Wrap.

( 05 )
Dry Fruits

Available Dry Fruits : Almonds,  Pistachios,  Cashews,  Dates,  Walnuts,  Brazil Nuts,  Hazlenuts,  Apricots,  Raisins,  Prunes,  Black Currant,  Figs and Goji Berries.