Galvanneal is a zinc-iron alloy coating that creates a uniform surface well suited for painting and welding. It is produced on the same continuous line as hot-dipped galvanize except after the zinc bath it goes through an additional annealing process which induces diffusion alloying between the molten zinc coating and the steel creating a zinc-iron alloyed surface which is grey in colour.


Automotive, signs, doors/door hardware, cabinets, partitions, and electrical equipment.

Specifications of Galvanneal:

Width Range2”-72” (60”-72” available in .024”-.070”)
ASTM SpecA653
Typical GradesCS, SS (Gr33-80), HSLA grades, FS, DDS, EDDS, Dual Phase, TRIP
CoatingsA25 (ZF75), A40 (ZF120), A60 (ZF180), 30a/30a, 40a/40a, 50a/50a, 60a/60a
Surface TreatmentsPassivated (RoHS compliant available) or non-passivated, oiled or dry, temper rolled, pre-lubed, tension levelled

Galvanneal is the result of a combination of annealing and galvanizing processes to produce a special sheet metal. The galvanizing process is done by hot dipping and immediate annealing, resulting in a matt gray finish. Galvaneal is a carbon steel product plated with a combination of zinc and iron. This steel can be used in various industries such as marine and structural engineering, but is most popular in automobile manufacturing. Steel mills produce galvanneal according to customer requirements, and other manufacturing plants can produce it on their own.

The word Galvanneal comes from annealing and galvanizing. Galvanization refers to the process of coating metal with a specific material that helps fight corrosion. Annealing is the process of exposing metals to heat to build specific properties. In galvanneal, the metal is immersed in a hot bath of zinc while the material is Galvanized. The zinc-coated iron is then annealed for a second process that creates a combination of zinc & iron on the metal surface. The final result is a galvanneal coating with a dull gray matte finish.

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