Today, small to large scale farmers use various agricultural machinery to accomplish various tasks at farms. For farming activities on large farms it can be hard to imagine complete tasks on time. Here we have mentioned the most common farm machinery used n farming.


Tractor is the biggest farm machinery and the main workhorse of any modern farm. Tractors are used to provide power and traction required to mechanize agricultural activities. With the right implement tractors can be used to handle all the difficult agricultural process from preparing the field to transportation of grains and crops to the market.

Different types of tractors are available in the market, varying in size and capacity to meet different requirements. The type of tractor you need for your farm depends on the size of your operation.


Since the beginning of the agricultural practices, a plough is a farm implement to prepare soil by turning over the soil to bring a fresh layer to the surface. This is the best machinery to save time in preparing the field for the planting process.

Different types of ploughs used in agriculture are moldboard ploughs, disc ploughs, rotary ploughs, sub soil plough etc. Although each type of have more specialized functions, yet purpose is same – to give soil the best form for planting seeds.


At times even after ploughing, soil can still have clods and hard debris. Harrows are used to break the clods and stir up the soil, making its structure more even and consistent. It is generally used as final tool for soil preparation before planting seeds.

Seed cum Fertilizer Drills

If you are working on a large field, you’re better off buy a seed cum fertilizer drill that can help you in spreading seeds and fertilizers.


Harvesting the fruits of your labor is a task needs to be done carefully. A combine harvester is the best machinery to help with the process. It makes the harvesting of grains like rice or wheat quite easy. A multi-crop harvester allows you to harvest multiple grain crops.