Pre-Painted Galvalume Sheets (PPGL)

Pre painted Galvalume Sheets
Pre painted Galvalume Steel Sheet
PPGI Steel Sheet

PPGL is short for Pre-Painted Galvalume  Sheets. It is Galvalume sheet as substrate which is coated with 55% aluminium, 43.3% zinc, and 1.6% silicon. The service life of PPGL is 3 times longer than than PPGI. The surface of the PPGL sheet is smoother than the PPGI sheet. PPGL sheet can be painted directly without pre-treatment. The heat resistance and corrosion resistance of the PPGL sheet is better. It is because that the dense layer made of aluminium can prevent the base metal from further eroding. It is more suitable for severe outdoor environments. Due to its good heat resistance and good surface conductivity. The cut edges of PPGL are less protected. PPGL is suitable for rainy areas. Due to the better performance and fewer qualified manufactures, the price of the PPGL sheets is 3%-11% higher than the PPGI sheets. Pre-Painted galvalume sheets can be painted directly without pre-treatment.

Pre-Painted Galvalume sheets & Pre-Painted Galvanised Iron sheets are also very similar. Both of them have advantageous features, such as excellent corrosion resistance, formability, and ease to paint on. Both are widely used in Construction, shipbuilding, vehicle manufacturing, furniture, electrical industry, and so on. Please feel free to Contact us!

Advantages Of Pre-Painted Galvalume Sheet (PPGL)

Superior Corrosion Resistance
Better Yeild
Superior Paintability
Superior Scratch Protection
Anti Fingerprint
Environment Friendly
Enhanced Heat-resistance
Superior Packaging
Superor Metal Finish and Formability


Pre- Painted Galvalume Sheet Colors
ItemPre-Painted Galvalume Steel
SubstrateGL (galvalume iron)
Thickness600 mm -1,250 mm
LengthUpon your requirements
PE, SMP, HDP, PVDFAs per RAL Color (Custom patterns are available)
PackageStandard Export Package

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